KayKay CBR6 Review #38 Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey

Goodreads summary:

Life sucks, and then you die. Or, if you’re James Stark, you spend eleven years in Hell as a hitman before finally escaping, only to land back in the hell-on-earth that is Los Angeles.

Now Stark’s back, and ready for revenge. And absolution, and maybe even love. But when his first stop saddles him with an abusive talking head, Stark discovers that the road to absolution and revenge is much longer than you’d expect, and both Heaven and Hell have their own ideas for his future.

Resurrection sucks. Saving the world is worse.

Darkly twisted, irreverent, and completely hilarious, Sandman Slim is the breakthrough novel by an acclaimed author.

James Stark (aka Sandman Slim – although I’m not exactly sure why he got that nick name) is a solid main character- gruff on the outside, heart of gold on the inside.  He has an entertaining side kick- a head that he decapitated with a special sword that doesn’t kill unless explicitly desired.

This book was fun.  The characters are interesting, the plot is action packed, and it was an original story line.  I liked it enough to pick up the second book immediately after I read the first one.

I would recommend this for anyone who enjoys fantasy procedurals.


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