KayKay #CRB6 Review #20 Sworn in Steel by Douglas Hulick


This is the second book in the Tale of the Kin series.  The adventures of Drothe continue as he struggles to keep his place in the thieves hierarchy and keep his friends and family safe.  I will admit that I have already read another book before writing this review, and some of the complex story line has already slipped my mind.  I am going to give this book 3 stars.

Here’s a breakdown…


My book reviews are written as a discussion of a book, and not as an advertisement.  Please be aware that there may be information that some would consider spoilers.  Continue on at your own risk!

What is this book about?

In the last book Drothe had just ended up as a Gray Prince.  He is struggling to accept this new role, and still have his freedom to roam the streets.  He is blackmailed by a Degan to find Bronze (his ex BFF), and this search takes him to el-Qaddice, the Djanese capital.  On the way he becomes the sponsor of an acting troupe (to help him gain access into the restricted city).   He meets a group of people (neyajin) that hunt demons (the demons happen to have a similar ability to Drothe, in that they can see in the dark).  The big reveals in this book are that the Degans aren’t just a secret organization protecting the empire, they have very long lives, and they don’t recycle names, each one of them is the original member.  By the end of the book, Drothe is starting to build his organization (as a Gray Prince), since Bronze used his oath to make Drothe continue to be a Prince.

What did I think about this book?

This book was harder for me to follow than the first one.  I think it was a combination of a new location and new characters, in addition to the new hierarchies.  Even Drothe has a hard time keeping up, as he is new to that culture as well.

What I do continue to like is Drothe’s character.  He’s smart, but he still has flaws (he can really be a jerk).

I felt like this book had a lot of visual components.  There was a new location that needed to be explained, but I was lost in the details.

Favorite Lines?

N/A- not because there weren’t good lines, but the Kindle app on my phone does not allow me to highlight lines, just bookmark pages.

Final Thoughts?

Assuming the next book is the final story, I’m looking forward to seeing the empire’s character and I’m curious to know if the angels will make an appearance.  I’m not sure what will happen when the empire realizes that the Emperors re-incarnations are his doing, and not the divine will.


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