KayKay #CRB5 Review #53 Into the Fire by Jodi McIsaac


**SPOILER ALERT- some plot points may be insinuated**

This is not going to be my typical review.  This book was a complete disappointment.  The plot was forced, the characters were not authentic, and quite frankly- they were stupid.  I’m not sure how you trust a druid who just turns up, especially since you know druids are trying to kill you.  I’m not sure how you keep dragging your young daughter into dangerous situations.  What makes you decide to dig up a person to powerful to kill, and had to be trapped, just so he can tell you where a magical object is?  They even go to a tourist attraction, see that it is empty (which they all agree is highly unlikely) when they spot a person over by some trees that seemed to be calling Finn, they assume that person is a tourist- FOR REALS???

Sometimes so much love and effort is put into the first release (and this seems to be true for both books and albums) the second release pales in comparison.  In this case, I can barely believe the same author wrote these books.  To me, this is the worst book I’ve read all year (and I’ve completed my cannonball).

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