KayKay #CRB5 Review #46 Storm Born by Richelle Mead



My book reviews are written as a discussion of a book, and not as an advertisement.  Please be aware that there may be information that some would consider spoilers.  Continue on at your own risk!

I was very impressed with Gameboard of the Gods and I was hoping that the rest of Richelle Mead’s adult books are just as good.  Storm Born is the first in a set of 4 books that I bought as a bundle (The Dark Swan series).  I’m happy to see that it ends at 4 (at least for now) because I’m feeling a little tired of series that have gone on so long that there is no longer an original story to tell (I’m not mentioning any names here!) Did Storm Born live up to the bar that Gameboards set?  Here is what I thought….

Characters and Relationships

Eugenie- Step aside Mercedes Thompson, there is a new kick ass lead female.  Eugenie is a powerful shaman (although we later find out she also has special fae powers due to her dad being the storm king).  She is raised by her mother (a regular human- who was kidnapped and held by the Storm King) and her step father who is a shaman who killed the Storm King to save Eugenie and her mother.

Kiyo- a half human / half kitsune (Japenese Fox spirit) who has established relationships in the Otherworld.  He is also a love interest of Eugenie (although they hit a bump in the road when Eugenie finds out he impregnated a fairy queen).

King Dorian- a fairy king who helps Eugenie control her newly found fae magic.  I actually prefer him for Eugenie- although I know she leans toward Kiyo- and neither one of them are really good for her.  The love triangle reminds me of Sookie / Bill / Eric (of which I still prefer Eric)

Characters Score: 4/5

World Building

There are three known worlds: our world, Otherworld and Underworld.  Eugenie can go to all worlds, with the help of her patron gods, Hecate (guards the crossroads between worlds), Persephone (guides transitions to the world of death) and Selene (who is bound to the human world).

“I only knew about three worlds: the world we lived in, the world the dead lived in, and the Otherworld, which caught everything in between.”

World Building Score: 4/5


A prophecy about the Storm Kings daughter having a son who will conquer the human world causes many fae to either want to kill Eugenie or father her son.  At this crucial time, Eugenie must enter the Otherworld to find a human girl trapped in the Otherworld and rescue her from a fae king.  In order to succeed, she will have to discover her heritage and learn to control her fae powers.

Plot Score: 4/5

Life Lessons (fka Bigger Meaning)

There is not necessarily a ‘moral of the story’, but there are a few lines that make you go hmmm…

“Humans always feel the need to point out any drop of foreign blood in a person”

“They twist nature and the elements for the sake of their perverted creations until they no longer know what it is they do” (talking about not being able to describe what is in a Milky Way candy bar)

Life Lessons Score:  2/5


I really enjoyed the main character and her relationships in this story.  The book moves along at a good pace, and I looked forward to picking it up and reading.  I could have done without the sex scenes, but I guess it’s needed since it’s an ‘adult’ book.

Style Score: 4/5

Final Thoughts?

-Eugenie is such an odd name in the ‘real’ world, but I thought it was the perfect character name, and was almost cool enough to translate.

-I liked the twist on the standard side kick.  Instead of someone loyal to the main character, this side kick, Volusian, is a servant who hates Eugenie (and frequently tells her how he wants to kill her).

Total Score and Recommendation

18/25- If you like Sookie or Mercedes you should love Eugenie.


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