KayKay #CRB5 Review #35 Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris



My book reviews are written as a discussion of a book, and not as an advertisement.  Please be aware that there may be information that some would consider spoilers.  Continue on at your own risk!

This was book 3/6 of my beach vacation reads.  I bought this book when it was released, and purposely held it for my vacation.  This is the last installment of the Sookie Stakehouse series (not counting the ‘where are they now’ book coming in the fall)   Did the series go out with a bang?  Did Sookie finally pick a mate?  Could I keep up with all the characters without referring to a cheat sheet?  Here is what I thought…

Sookie breaks up with someone, gets with someone new, almost dies and lots of other folks die.  Sounds like every Sookie book I’ve read.  I guess if you have a working recipe why deviate?   Here are the distinctive characteristics for this plot:   Sookie is arrested and put in jail (overnight) for killing Arlene. Claude, Steve Newlin and John something or other team up to make trounle for Sookie and end up kidnapping her from a line dancing bar. Amelia’s dad and his driver sell their souls to the devil and end up blaming Sookie when things go wrong. After raising Sam from the dead and Eric having to leave to marry someone else, Sookie and Sam decide to give things a go.
Plot Score: 3/5

World Building
This is the world everyone else tries to replicate. A universe where all mythology exists, and even though there are a lot of characters stuffed into these books, everyone was introduced in their own time.

Location Score: 3/5

Characters and Relationships
There were several names I did not remember, or chatacters that deviated from the HBO series, but Charlaine Harris gave proper introductions and reminders.

I have always liked the Sookie character. She isn’t a damsel in distress, she is a normal (OK, maybe not completely normal) girl struggling to make ends meet (although she has come into some money)  She likes to tan and look cute and she cares about manners and what her Gran would think.

I always favored Eric for Sookie, but I have to say that it felt right that she ended up with Sam. I hope things work out for them.

Characters Score: 3/5

Life Lessons
Bigger Meaning Score:  0/5

Defining Quote:  “Your life was not right when you were actually surprised that someone didn’t want to kill you.”

Not much to say about style here, the story moves quickly and is interesting.

Style Score: 3/5

Final Thoughts?

-Bonus Beach Read Score: 3/5- Perfect for beach reading!

Total Score and Recommendation

-15/25- If you have been following the Sookie Saga, you should read this one…


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