KayKay #CRB5 Review #24 The Godling Chronicles: The Sword of Truth by Brian D. Anderson

The Godling Chronicles 1


My book reviews are written as a discussion of a book, and not as an advertisement.  Please be aware that there may be information that some would consider spoilers.  Continue on at your own risk!

One evening my iPad mini (which I have promptly replaced) went all crazy on me and purchased book 3 in The Godling Chronicles series.  (Really!  This happened).  I decided to read the sample for book 1, which was good enough that I invested in reading the entire book.  I should probably note this book was written by a man and his 7 year old son.  Here is what I thought…


Gewey, a ‘normal’ boy, raised on a farm, find outs he’s the child of two gods.  At the same time, a dark power is rising to take over the world (and has locked the door to heaven so the gods can not help).  He is humankind’s last help, but he has not idea of his power or how to use it.  This book really focused on his journey and the introduction of his companions.

I felt it was a nice little adventure, although I felt like some of the plot points were just pulled together with no purpose in the bigger picture of the story.

Plot Score: 3/5

Location, Location, Location

Takes place in a world with gods, half golds, and godlings.  We haven’t seen much from the gods because they are locked in heaven. There are also elves, who don’t get along with the humans.

Location Score: 3/5

Characters and Relationships

Gewey- the son of two gods, he just finds this out at 17, and is swept up in a journey to learn about himself and save the world (or at least hid from the big baddie).  I also did not care for the name Gewey…it doesn’t seem very ‘god-like’.  He is very trusting of his instincts and his gut feeling, so we will see where that gets him.

Lee Starfinder- A half god (son of the sea god), he is entrusted to keep Gewey safe.  I wanted him to be more of a good mentor, but he seemed short-tempered with Gewey.  He also has a goofy name (Starfinder).

Kaylia- An elf that Gewey saves and then joins his party.  Gewey basically proposes to her (in an elf language that he doesn’t speak).  She’s a great fighter, but young for an elf.

Dina- A half elf that Gewey is also interested in.  This is probably the most unique part of this book.  Normally there is one true love and you know who it is from the beginning.  Here, I’m not sure if it’s Dina of Kaylia.

In a journey I expect more character development, but these characters came off as a little flat.

Characters Score: 2/5

Life Lessons (fka Bigger Meaning)


Bigger Meaning Score:  0/5


Opening Quote:  “It was all the Dark Knight could do to keep his teeth from chattering.”

I haven’t quite figured out (for me) what makes a book YA.  For me, I think about the simplicity in the writing and the maturity of subject.  I love it when there is a well written YA book- like Harry Potter or The Hunger Games.  This book was written a little too young for me.  Attention YA Authors: Please stop under-estimating kids!

The most frustrating part of the story was the randomness of the plot lines.  Perhaps they are pulled together in a future novel.

Style Score: 3/5

Final Thoughts?

-I’m not sure that this story is memorable.  I’m half way through the next book and this one has already started to slip from memory.

-This book really dragged in the middle for me, it wasn’t pulling me back in to be picked up and finished.

-Note to self: only read book 2 if in need of book to read…

Total Score and Recommendation
11/25- Despite the flaws, there were parts that I enjoyed, and I may continue reading the series (since my iPad mini already bought book 3)

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