KayKay #CRB5 Review #20 Paths of Destruction: The Awakened Book Two by Jason Tesar

Paths of Destruction


My book reviews are written as a discussion of a book, and not as an advertisement.  Please be aware that there may be information that some would consider spoilers.  Continue on at your own risk!

When reading a series with more than one book published, I normally have at least a one book break in between the stories.  With this series, I felt the books were not ‘stand alone’ and that I should read them back to back.  There were several plot lines that were unfinished, and I was anxious to see what happened.  Did the plot lines get wrapped up?  Here’s what I thought…


This book jumps about 12 years in the future, with Kael having escaped the monastery and had his own set of adventures.  Kael has now (yes, 12 years after his freedom) decided to go back and see his mom (who thinks he is dead).  Unfortunately, his mom, involved in a rebellion to free slaves, has fled the city, the same day Kael arrives (mysterious confidence).  He then joins the army to dispose of invading troops.  Along the way, he learns that his old friends from the monastery are behind the invasion of The Empire.  The big reveal, is the new Emperor, who was once a General (and the secret leader of the rebellion) is the High Priest.

Unfinished Plot Line #1: In the ‘modern’ world, a mysterious man has been pulled out of the water / Unfinished Plot Line #2- What has happened to Adair?- Mystery solved, well, at least we know that the man pulled out was Adair.  He is now being guarded by soldiers who are at least getting him medical treatment and food.  We only get two chapters of Adair (the first and last chapters of the book).  There is so much good ‘stuff’ that can be written about him observing and living in our modern world, but it’s not really explored.  I’m interested to see how Tesar ties these two worlds together.  Twelve years has passed in The Empire, has it been an hour or two in our world??

Unfinished Plot Line #3: Who is Saba?  We get a little glimpse into Sariel, and he does get his memory back in this book, but his backstory has still not been revealed.

Unfinished Plot Line #4: What is Kael? Although he is starting to get more control over his abilities (his awareness of his surroundings), there is still no explanation of what he is.

Unfinished Plot Line #5: Where are the angels?  Still no angels…

Plot Score: 4/5

Location, Location, Location

The interesting location is Adair in the future.  I wish we had more of a glimpse of his reaction to modern technology.

Location Score: 3/5

Characters and Relationships

Kael- His is still my favorite story.  I think the book could have focused on his journeys, instead of having them just as a flashback.

Maeryn- She is being ‘wooed’ by Magnus, former general and new emperor, and the high priest.

Characters Score: 3/5

Life Lessons (fka Bigger Meaning)

Not seeing any bigger meaning.

Bigger Meaning Score: 0/5


Opening Line: Adair rested his head back against the seat, but kept his eyes open and focused on the terrain outside of the thundering locust.

I love to read a good journey, and this book has all the traits it needs to be great.  A boy who starts with everything, loses everything, then build his way back.  A boy who has special abilities.  The promise of ‘other worldly’ beings and power.  An enemy of equal standing.  However, I feel like the parts that are good, are the parts that are glossed over (in flashback retellings), and the stuff I don’t care so much about (Maeryn’s garden) has too much space.

Style Score: 3/5

Final Thoughts?

– The timings were too convenient, his mom leaves right before Kael arrives.  Ajnai kills Lemus right before Kael arrives at the governors mansion.

-This story is a diamond in the rough, I wish it had been edited differently, with the focus being Kael and his journey.

-The best books can answer questions, and present more questions to keep us interested, I feel like this book has good questions, but it not making any progress towards answering them.  Hopefully answers will come in the third book.

Total Score and Recommendation
13/15- I’m going to keep going and read the third book (although I will be taking a 1 book break).  I hope the unfinished plot lines are successfully tied up.

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