KayKay #CBR5 Review #13 Taming Fire by Aaron Pogue



My book reviews are written as a discussion of a book, and not as an advertisement.  Please be aware that there may be information that some would consider spoilers.  Continue on at your own risk!

It’s always an awkward time between books.  I normally start reading the next book as soon as I’m finished with the first one (unless the book is so powerful that it takes a few days to get out of my system).  I always like to have my escape from reality ready.  After reading another Octavia Butler story, I was not sure what book to pick up next.  I was looking for something with a little depth, and I ended up finding this book- Taming Fire.  Did it live up to my expectations?  Here’s what i thought:


Daven, the son of a thief, is recruited by Claighan, a wizard, to train at the wizards academy.  Claighan is worried about a dragonswarm attack, but human politics is gearing up for a war between lands.  Claighan feels that Daven, who is skilled at the sword, could be a weapon against the upcoming dragonswarm, if he can only get the people to move past their war.  A misstep by Claighan causes Daven to fall on the bad side of the king, but Daven continues to try to stop the war and save the king from assassination.

Plot Score: 4/5

Location, Location, Location

The book takes place over several locations.  Daven’s adventures start in a small farming village, move through several cities to a wizard school, then to a fishing village.  In this world, magic is real, and the dragons are coming.  The magic system in this book deals with using a persons force of will, and anyone can be taught magic.

Location Score: 3/5

Characters and Relationships

Daven- He was at turns cocky and fearful.  He didn’t get a chance to develop his powers much in this book (as it took him most of the book to get them), but I hope in the next installment he capitalizes on his skill.  Devans friend Themmi ends up telling him that he views Devan as a hero.  I get the admiration for Devan- as he overcomes a lot and keeps moving forward, but I was surprised that Themmi would go as far as to call him a hero.

Claighan- He’s like a bumbling wizard.  (Reminds me of the brown wizard in The Hobbit).  I wanted him to be a wise old wizard (like Dumbledore), but he was kind of odd, talking to himself all the time (never got a good reason for that behavior).  I am interested to hear his take on Daven’s adventures, but since Claighan was out of commission for a good part of the book, he didn’t get to mentor Devan.

Vech- The dragon was COOL.  I am hoping Vech and Daven have a relationship like the characters in ‘How to Train your dragon’.  Perhaps the dragonsswarm that is approaching can be a good thing!  (Doubt it!)

Characters Score:  3/5

Life Lessons (fka Bigger Meaning)

The importance of conquering your fears.  Devan always felt afraid (and we hear about his fear too much), but he always works through it.  It’s like the quote that the hero isn’t a hero because he’s never afraid, but he’s a hero because he acts despite his fear.

Bigger Meaning Score: 3/5


Opening Line: On a pretty spring day early in the month of Korhah, I stood with sword in hand on a grassy hillside and faced a tall and angry opponent.  

I thought the writing was a little too descriptive for my personal taste, I found myself skim reading to get to the movement in the plot.  And I must say, I was sick of reading about Daven’s fear.  I get it- he’s ALWAYS scared.  I did not like to be reminded of it every other paragraph.

Style Score: 2/5

Final Thoughts?

– I’m hoping in the next book, Devan grows some balls and stops being so afraid of everything.

– I’m hoping that Devan will become friends with Vech…I’m wondering if “Dragon Prince” is foreshadowing of his relationship in the future.

Total Score and Recommendation
15/25- The plot carries this book, and I am planning on reading the next one.



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